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39% of the wine industry's carbon footprint is produced by single-use glass bottles,  When in Rome wants to change this. The brand is on a mission to decarbonise the wine industry and share the joy of drinking wine the way the Italians do in the most sustainable way possible. Their revolutionary ambitions are reflected in their identity, that purposely steps out of the stuffy wine cellar and into the fresh Italian sunshine.

Whilst refreshing the brand and full packaging suite, we wanted retain  Italian provenance and to evoke the feeling of sunny, joyful times – or as the Italians describe it, “allegra”. With this allegra in mind we took inspiration from Italian shop signage, 1950s travel posters.

Our window design was born out of the style of the architectural style of the Colosseum, so it is routed in the DNA of Rome and we used that as a way to look into our allegra world where sustainability and an Italian vibe are combined. All of these together help to make the brand feel resolutely Italian without being too high brow.

Identity, Packaging, Strategy.